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TQ Project

Meet our Travel Queen!

An adventure expedition team that consists of a professional backcountry snowboarder, a professional photographer, a journalist/blogger, and a sustainable living expert will document a green adventure expedition as they drive an alternatively-fueled, solar-powered 1977 Travel Queen (The TQ) from Utah to Alaska and back to snowboard, ski, write, and photograph all points between; all the while, promoting alternative and eco-friendly adventure education to children across North America via a satellite phone calls and presentations.


Pre-trip updates:

The TQ and its team will depart from Central Utah on May 31st, 2012 and travel over 6,000 miles to and from Alaska, making stops at various skiable backcountry terrain in Wyoming, Montana, across Canada, and of course, Alaska.
In-person visits will be made to children’s groups across North America to discuss green travel techniques and explain various wildlife and terrain found on the adventure expedition. The route will take the team north to Alaska, where ski/snowboard objectives will be tackled in the Thompson and Turnagain Pass regions as well as the surrounding mountains of Mount Saint Elias National Park and Denali National Park.

The Team:

  • Sean Busby, Fountain Green, UT: Professional backcountry snowboard mountaineer and mountain guide for Powder Lines.
  • Mollie Busby, Fountain Green, UT: Journalist, photographer, blogger and backcountry skier tasked with documenting the trip real-time and for future publication and promotion, founder of The Mollie Shambeau Show.
  • Russ Hopkins, Mt. Pleasant, UT: Auto expert tasked with the remodel and fuel conversion of the Travel Queen, avid rock climber, BMX rider, and professional photographer
  • Brittany Hopkins, Mt. Pleasant, UT: Professional dancer and yogi and avid rock climber and mountain biker with an enthusiasm for green adventures and sustainable living.

The Busby/Hopkins team on their first trip together to Iceland in March 2011 (taken at the Blue Lagoon)

TQ: What is it?
The TQ is a 1977 Travel Queen motor home with a 1990 Dodge Cummins diesel engine that will be converted to run on alternative fuel. Purchased in January 2012 by the Busbys and the Hopkins, the TQ is being gutted and remodeled to be a fully functional alternatively-fueled motor home that also utilizes solar power.

Mollie Busby currently writes an lifestyle/adventure blog, in addition to freelancing for various local, regional, and national publications. She will take photos and blog real-time, as well as take notes for a larger story that will be pitched post-adventure to national and international publications.  Russ Hopkins is a professional photographer who will be documenting the trip via large format black and white photography in addition to shooting video with Sean Busby.  The entire team has multiple other blogs and websites that will be updated throughout the expedition in addition to the team’s social marketing networks and sponsors’ networks.

Links to other Mollie Shambeau Show posts about the TQ:




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